Accurately timing the stages of grass/herbage productivity will ensure the fields are full of the nutrients your animals need at just the right moment. Effective managment of pastures will reduce wasted money on feed and improve the quality of your produce.



Grass productivity relies on knowing the amount of available grass/herbage through accurate and regular measurments will ensure you are aware of your pastures growth curve. After only 12 months you will be able to predict your available resources.



Once you have the data you can develope and manage your pastures to ensure you are optimising the usage. Grass productivity techniques require continous monitering of grass/herbage growth through the year enabaling you to predict seasonal growth patterns.



Grass productivity relies on planning mob cell grazing, reducing costs and developing better strategies for success. Knowing your pastures through proven techniques you can increase your bottom line without heavy investment in complicated technology.


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“To become a successful stock farmer, you first have to become a successful grassland farmer.”